Thursday, July 15, 2010

Business Award

I was today very humbled and surprised to receive an email notification from womow (Word of Mouth on the web) an independent review website I subscribe to. It seems I won a business award as one of the top two employment providers in Melbourne how amazing! When clients call me to tell me how delighted they are with their resumes, and the fact that it has worked as intended, I ask them to leave independent feedback on this website. The beauty of Womow is that it is 100% independent and is not edited by me at all - and cannot be - so it's a great way to gain an objective view of a suppliers potential level of service. In light of recent figures showing that Australia provides one of the lowest levels of customer service on par with the UK it's pleasing to know that I am on the right track.

So I guess I'll keep doing what I'm doing!

You can see the page describing the award here:.

Oh, and while I'm blowing my own trumpet - I released ,y first ever e-book this week what a massive achievement. It's been 18 months in the pipeline little by little and has finally been born! Here is some more information:

Wishing you career success

Kind regards
Andrea Drew

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Job sites and Resources

Just found a great site for job sites and resources here:

Andrea Drew

Friday, May 8, 2009

Job hunting and your online presence

The following blog article about "social networks as a marketing tool" got me thinking about a persons online presence, and how this could affect your ability to gain (or fail to gain!) employment.

In this age of Big Brother, there are few aspects of your life that can't be checked up on. In an article on ABC News: Good Morning America journalist, Tory Johnson, raised the spectre of personal blogs, or sometimes worse, blogs operated by friends or family, could be sabotaging your job prospects or opportunities. But forewarned can be forearmed and it can be possible to turn this looming disaster in your favour.

The latest in the U.S. (and as I always say Australia is never far behind) is for employers or prospective employers to run a search to see what they can pick up about an employee or applicant. Positions or promotions have been won or lost by what they have found. Sometimes it is not even an entry by the owner of the blog, but comments made by outsiders, that have caused the problems.

Kathie Thomas, Director of global virtual organisations, 'A Clayton's Secretary' and self confessed 'Blog Guru', tells of an individual here in Australia who lost his job because of things he said about his employer's company on his blog. He also had to remove the blog because of threatening legal action by his former employer.

One incident cited by Ms Johnson was that of a lady who posted her holiday photos, some in a bikini, on her blog for family and friends. There was nothing distasteful about the photos, however some of the comments posted by visitors to the site were most distasteful. As she seldom checked the site these comments remained, and were seen by her employer and co-workers causing a great deal of discomfort for her at work.

Points to consider if you, your friends, or family have a blog:

  • Be sure your children undertand the importance of exposing themselves, or their family, unfavourably to the world. Teenagers who write about excessive drinking or wild parties on their blog - or yours - could be damaging their job prospects
  • Be aware that you can block others from posting to your site
  • If you do allow posts, monitor your site regularly and edit or delete if necessary
  • If you are job hunting - or other - never post anything you wouldn't want your current or prospective employer to read - or anyone else of influence or importance in your life
  • Always remember that this is your face to the world
  • Post positive information about achievements, organisations your may be involved in, community service etc. It does not have to be - or should be - trumpet blowing, but casual references to your many positive attributes could go a long way

On a positive note, professional colleague, Dean J. told me that some time ago he joined a table tennis club and was rapidly inducted as Membership Manager. He has found that with the job title, listed on the club's web site, has come unexpected business relationships and new clients.

"Now when prospective clients, former clients, colleagues, recruiters etc do a Google search...up pops my exploits in Table Tennis," Dean says "They even know the scores of my games. UGH!"

"The amazing result is that it has been great for business. Clients and others see that I am not all business...but actually have a life. The personal connection has been great."

That you have an online identity does not necessarily tell against you. It is what you do with your online life that can be the deciding factor, and it can be a positive influence if handled correctly.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Work has started on Andrea's latest book - "Finders Keepers - More than a resume. How to find, get and keep that job."

An excerpt from the introduction is included here, more to follow. We are very interested in any feedback as far as what you would like to see included within it's contents. Scheduled release date is July 2009 in both paperback and e-book.

Finders Keepers: More than a Resume - finding, getting and keeping a job.

About the author.

Andrea Drew is the founder and chief professional writer of Impressive Resumes professional resume writing service, established in 1998.

This book is written based on her experiences, her own job search journey (started and experienced some years ago now) as well as her business background. Her knowledge, gained through training, practice, trial and error are detailed within this book.

Although I am an Australian author, many sections of this book are universal and can be applied on a global scale.

It is my wish and hope that you use this book to enable you to flourish and prosper, and find, gain and keep that job you have always dreamed of!


Chapter 1 – Determine your goals and purposes

Chapter 2 – Where to start looking for your new job

Chapter 3 – The Hidden Job Market – finding an unadvertised position

Chapter 4 – Responding to an advertised position

Chapter 5 – Working for yourself?

Chapter 6 – Temporary versus permanent work

Chapter 7 – Resume and cover letter

Chapter 8 - Government applications and selection criteria

Chapter 9 – Dealing with Recruitment Agencies

Chapter 10 – Following up on your job application

Chapter 11 – The job interview

Chapter 12 – The rejection and the job offer

Chapter 13 – Negotiating salaries

Chapter 14 – Accepting (or declining) the job offer

Chapter 15 – Starting and Keeping your new job


Prefacing the writing of this book was my own personal research. Placing myself in the job seekers shoes, I decided that what I would be looking forward would be a book that could guide me through the entire job search process from start to finish. That is, from deciding on a goal, finding a job, accessing the hidden job market to find jobs, responding to job advertisements, writing and updating a resume and cover letter, government applications and selection criteria, dealing with recruitment companies, job interviews both telephone and face to face, panel interviews, thank you letters and follow up, negotiating salaries, accepting or declining the job offer, temp work, starting your new job, and keeping your new job.

Researching the current books on the market, I noticed that most books covered one or two sections of this process only, rather than the entire job searching journey from start to finish. It also seemed that the majority (although not all) of them were US based. My purpose was to provide a streamlined, comprehensive guide which covered all aspects of the job search process, but that was also fun and interesting to read. I do hope you find it so, and good luck!

Chapter One – Determining your purposes and goals

The very first thing you need to do is work out your purpose and goals in finding a new job? Why do you want to change jobs? Or you may not be changing jobs at all, you may be re-entering the workforce. Examining your circumstances and reasons .......